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AAAS 103: Introduction to African Studies

Professor: Stephen Smith

Meet Your Librarian

As the subject specialist for African Studies and African American Studies, I am the library liaison to the Department of African and African American Studies and the Duke University Center for African and African American Research.  I select all types of materials for the library (print, electronic, and visual) and I am currently developing collection polices for Africa – China Relations, African Foodways, and Afro-Caribbean History and Culture

Subject Librarian

Karen Jean Hunt
International and Area Studies

Perkins Library

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Joseph Conrad Papers @ Duke University

Collection contains letters and scrapbooks about the life and works of Joseph Conrad. Correspondence includes letters by Conrad to David S. Meldrum, an advisor to Wm. Blackwood & Sons. Conrad discusses family news, including his son Borys, as well as his various literary projects, including Lord Jim, Heart of Darkness, Youth: A Narrative and Other Tales, and The Rescue.

Jonathan Swift

So geographers, in Africa maps, With savage pictures fill their gaps, And o'er uninhabitable downs Place elephants for want of towns.


Hidden colors : [videorecording] the untold history of people of aboriginal, Moor & African descent

Hidden Colors is a documentary about the real and untold history of people of color around the globe. This film discusses some of the reasons the contributions of African and aboriginal people have been left out of the pages of history. Traveling around the country, the film features scholars, historians, and social commentators who uncovered such amazing facts about things such as: the original image of Christ; the true story about the Moors; the original people of Asia; the great west African empires; the presence of Africans in America before Columbus; the real reason slavery was ended; and much more.

Africa: The DVD @ Lilly Library

Africa [videorecording] written and presented by Basil Davidson

Disc 1 (episode 1). Different but equal -- disc 2 (episode 2). Mastering a continent -- disc 3 (episode 3). Caravans of gold -- disc 4 (episode 4). The king and the city -- disc 5 (episode 5). The Bible and the gun -- disc 6 (episode 6). This magnificent African cake -- disc 7 (episode 7). The rise of nationalism -- disc 8 (episode 8). The legacy.~~~

Database Help

Getting Started: Key databases to use

Africa-Wide NiPAD  

Provides multi-disciplinary coverage about African including politics, history, economics, business, mining, development, social issues, anthropology, natural history, literature, language, law, music and much more

Slavery, Abolition, and Social Justice, 1490-2007

This digital collection documents key aspects of the history of slavery worldwide over six centuries.

Voyages : the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade

Includes four databases which contain records of nearly 35,000 separate slaving voyages between 1514 and 1866.