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AMES 234K: Shanghai: From Treaty Port to Global Metropolis: Getting Started

Research guide for Dr. Andrew Field's Duke Kunshan course

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Nanjing Road

Searching Chinese Materials at Duke

Duke’s Chinese collection focuses on contemporary economics, politics and society, public policy and popular cultures and Buddhist and avant-garde art history. Search in Duke catalog to find Chinese language materials:

How to search the catalog with Pinyin?

In general, enter the Pinyin for each Chinese character with a space, such as Ying Han Da Ci Dian for 英漢大詞典However, sometimes you need to join syllables, examples:

 Personal Names
  • 毛澤東
  • 無名氏
  • 惠能
  • 尼克森
  • Mao Zedong
  • Wumingshi
  • Huineng
  • Nikesen 
 Place Names
  • 揚子江
  • 廣州市
  • 安徽省
  • 廣西壯族自治區
  • Yangzi Jiang
  • Guangzhou Shi
  • Anhui Sheng
  • Guangxi Zhuangzu Zizhiqu


How to search the catalog with Chinese characters?  

Chinese searches entered as keywords retrieve records across Chinese, Japanese and Korean.  Terms can be combined using Boolean operators; you can also combine terms in different languages -- Chinese characters, Japanese kana, Korean Hangul and English.  Character adjacency is the default, so combining characters will produce results for the compound not the single characters.

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